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Brother Authorized Dealer

Quilter’s Corner is a Brother Authorized Sales and Service Dealership! We work on all Brother machines, large and small.

Stop by and ask for a demo on any of our great sewing and embroidery machines. We offer something for everyone…from starter machines to advanced quilting and embroidery.

  • All machine purchases include free Owner’s Classes!

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Brother Machine Services

Does your machine need a bit of tender loving care? Our technician is a pro at providing a spa treatment for your hard working companion! Regular servicing is a must for all sewing and embroidery machines, and Kelly knows just what to do to make your baby hum!

Triage is what we do best! Have you re-threaded your machine? Re-wound a bobbin and made sure it’s in it’s seat correctly? Did you change your needle? We don’t want you to have to pay for something that can be corrected easily! If these steps don’t fix your problem, we can most certainly help! Bring your machine in any time during open hours.

Let us keep you stitching!


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